Expocell Display Pvt Ltd was established in India in the 1990s and is a company specialized in custom booth design and construction. Over the years we have gained the experience, the professional skills, and a keen market sense that enables us to gain a clear understanding of customer needs. Our role is more than providing booth construction. Our long experience in the exhibition industry enables us to accompany you every step of the way by providing you with valuable information and advice on the process as a whole. This includes logistics, storage opportunities, organization and communication with the organizers. We believe in providing a service that strengthens a company's brand awareness and increases their client portfolio. To achieve this objective we provide original designs and high quality construction, allowing our clients to stand out and to focus on making new profitable connections. EXPOCELL has the ability to serve you around the world due to our wide network of trusted partners which allows us to accompany you wherever you need to be. By doing so, we are able to relieve you of the time consuming task of searching for new suppliers every time you attend a new exhibition.


Our work is guided and anchored by our client`s requirements, yet has wide enough scope to make the most of the available resources, our strong focus on delivering unsurpassed quality and meeting the highest standards is easily noticeable in our varied executions. Our designs are characterized by not only simplicity but also by distinct lines and elegant forms incorporate a sense of movement, flexibility, as well as scalability. This is vital for growing organizations looking to expand their operations.

Our creations meet the highest international standards, mixing impeccable quality and effectiveness and pinpoint execution. Each project is an epitome of contemporary design, yet understated and unpretentious. But above all our expertise is honed towards finding design solutions for our client`s requirements.